The Company

We help you market your games at different levels:

Are you a game developer? Do you have the expertise to make mega games but little connection to market it? Do you think the market is dominated by biggies who have little substance and that small timer like you have an immense scope here because your creativity knows no limits?

Congratulations, you are at the correct place!

From the picking up of the beta copy of your game to promoting it in the international arena, we are competent for everything. Whether it is the print media or the internet social media we will make sure that your game becomes a household name even before the day of its launch.

We are known for our creative campaigns:

With a rich experience in this marketing field for more than twenty years and specialization in the marketing and launch of video games, we guarantee to take your game to such heights that you will be surprised yourself!

We let you take all the credit as well:

Just in case you are wondering if the credit to the game will be adequately given to you or not, here is a complete primer.

Our services are based on a contract:

  1. This contract will lay down the terms of agreement governing both the sides to the covenant;
  2. Only on complete satisfaction of the terms of the agreement, both the parties hereto shall put their hand on it;
  3. According to the agreement, the game shall be the property of the developer only. In no circumstance will the marketing company will/can claim a right to the ownership of the game;
  4. There shall be no profit sharing clause in the agreement. The developer hereby agrees that by entering into a contract with the marketing company, he undertakes to pay a lump sum amount or that which is agreed upon;
  5. This lump sum shall be constant irrespective of the response that the game receives.
  6. The marketing and the campaign shall be carried according to the discretion of the marketing firm;
  7. Any dispute that arises shall lie within the jurisdiction of the courts where the marketing company runs its business.